To go pixie cut or not to go

Its been ten years since I have had short hair, boy short hair for a woman. I have been wanting to cut it for a while and since moving the time seems right. Pixie cuts long and short seem to be the new rage of things to do for celebrity women. That isn’t the reason that I want one. I am lazy when it comes to hair and sick and tired of just putting my hair in a ponytail.  Plus cutting it now means I don’t have to go though the reaction of friends from going long to short. Everyone I will meet in Houston will just know me as already having short hair.

That all said having had short hair in the past it’s still scary cutting it all off again. Society is great at making women feel they need to look and dress a certain way. Me being me I have hit the web hard reading other people experiences and looking for some stranger support.  These two blog post have been nice to read in taking this step. The Pixie Haircut: Why I Let Go of My Very Long Hair and Short Hair Disclaimer: If your’re going to go short, here’s 5 things you need to know .  So Thursday I have an appointment to meet with a stylist and see what she thinks about some type of “pixieish” cut for me. Last time I cut it short I went with a messy spiky look. Looking for something a little different this time.


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